Thursday, May 22, 2014

Honesty is greater than scoring full marks

Alexius' Chinese teacher share with the school during assembly yesterday about Alexius being honest! I was there for volunteer work. Felt really great that my little boy is such a great boy!!! Di, its ok that you didnt score full marks in your first Chinese Exam Paper. Mum is very proud that you are an honest boy.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Holding Mum's Hand

We we on our way to the carpark today... Hand in hand like always. I asked gaby "will you still hold my hand when you grow up?" "of course I will still hold your hand. Why did you ask me this question?" "well, some boys stop holding hands with their mum when they grow up cos they think it's not cool to do so." "I think it's cool. It's an act of love." Alexius likes to hold my hand and kisses me all the time. So I asked him "di, will you still hold my hand and kiss kiss me like how you do all the time when you grow up?" "mummy, I'll still hand hands with you and kiss you when you are an old lady!" I really hope they remember what they said to me today when they are older. I love them to bits!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My dearest Junior is a well trained dog that behaves well when he is out. Ok, putting his bad habit of stealing food aside, he is actually a well-behaved doggie that doesnt even chase a cat. If I am able to train a dog to that level, I dun think i will have a problem having well mannered kids bah :)

I am proud of my boys

I think i shouldnt be too upset about the comment on my boys being anti-social. I confirmed that they are not because they behaved and had fun playing with some fun people that we just met for the first time at Saturday's BBQ.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Slice of life

Saw this on someone's Facebook post...

There was a young woman who didn't like her job. Everyday she told her husband how terrible her day had been, how tiring the work and how unreasonable her boss.

“Leave that job," her husband told her.

"Oh I will," she said. “But not yet. I have too many friends there for me to leave just yet."

And so she complained until the days became years and her family grew to five.

“Leave that job," her children told her.

“Oh I will," she said. “But not yet. I have seniority and four weeks vacation I can spend with you. I'm not ready to start over just yet.”

And so she remained unhappy at work until the years became decades and her children had children.

“Leave that job," her grandchildren told her.

“Oh I will," she said. “But not yet. There's only seven more years until I reach thirty years of service and can retire. So I can't just yet."

I know this woman. And so do you. There are scores like her.

This reminds me of the story about an old dog half-asleep on the porch of the general store, moaning and groaning in the sun.

“Why is your dog acting that way?" a customer asked the store owner.

“Oh," answered the man, “he's lying on a nail."

“Well, why doesn't he move?"

“Because it's not hurting him badly enough."

That's true for people, too. And I’m not just talking about our jobs. What about abusive relationships? And any area in your life that is consistently draining you of the happiness you deserve? We convince ourselves the pain is not bad enough to leave. But we're wrong. It’s not about the pain not being “bad” enough. It’s about the fact that we deserve better.

Prolonged pain damages our self-esteem, kills our passion and destroys our dreams. When we compromise our values, quiet our voice, hide our pain and meekly accept abuse, we’re letting ourselves down. What is the nail you’re lying on? Is it time to do something about it?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Gaby: look! Uncle BL, that's where I performed before for my k2 graduation! YMCA! Me: no, you performed at YWCA la. Gaby: oh ya, this one is young men Christian association. The one I went was young women Christian association. Don't know why my mum put me at that school... (note: gaby went to kindergarten at YWCA)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Alexius becoming water boy soon

Alexius has been taking swimming lessons from coach A for sometime. He didnt kick a fuss today when coach A wanted him to jump into the deep pool in a life jacket!